Extenuating Circumstances Policy and the coronavirus (COVID-19)

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I am trying to get a clear answer to my question about the current Air BnB cancellation policy over-riding my strict cancellation terms. I have recently had a guest cancel her booking due to one of her friends testing positive for covid. the booking was for 14 people, the' guest' herself had NOT tested positive. so my question that I have been trying to get a clear answer from Air BnB ( and as yet haven't, just a repeated message giving me a link to an article published last October ) so, if a 'guest' (the person that has booked the reservation) has made a reservation after the 14th March 2020 contacts me 2 days before the booking saying that one of his or her friends in the party has tested positive asking for a full refund ( even though I have a strict cancellation policy in place ) that the 'guest' is NOT entitled to a full refund? however......
Air BnB told me " if someone reported that they tested positive before/prior/during the reservation, we need to ask for proper documentation first proving that they tested positive, or they are close contact, and we need to further investigate before issuing a refund."..... can this 'someone' be anyone? not just the 'guest' that has booked the reservation? as obviously when one books a reservation, you are not including any names or proof that they are part of the group? ie it could be a complete made up name? neighbour? random friend, work colleague ?
?  it really means that anyone can cancel at anytime, receiving a FULL refund from Air BnB without any consultation with the host a day before the reservation if they like? as long as you mention 'someone' you know has tested positive for covid????  

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Re: Extenuating Circumstances Policy and the coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Airbnb should ask for Covid result of the person affected who's on the booking 

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