Florida sales and use tax despite I'm not the host

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Last April we bought a vacation house in Ft Lauderdale Florida. We wanted to rent it as STR for months we won’t use it. We stayed there for about 2 months. And I signed up for a business account in the Florida department of revenue. Then I found Airbnb super host to list it, act as a manager and take care of the house and cleaning, etc. Now I’m receiving letters from the Florida department of revenue for the due tax returns. Last mail claims over $4000 estimated taxes despite the house being on market for only one month and I haven’t received any money yet. My manager does all hosting and accounting and he will pay me once there is a profit after start-up expenses.

There is a form behind the letter they sent that I can use for reporting the closing of business. Since I never rent this house should I report the closing date same as the account opening date?

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Re: Florida sales and use tax despite I'm not the host

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@Angie675   You need advice from a Florida tax accountant, not from this forum.  Best wishes. 

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