Fraudulent e-mail or Account Issue?

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
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I've had a few e-mails recently which look like they are from airbnb, but the content is questionable. I have just received these:



Hi 一非 and Paul,

We’ve discovered that the payment method used for reservation MTW29Q isn’t valid, which means that we aren’t able to support this reservation.

As a result, we’ve canceled the reservation and refunded payment for it. The listing’s calendar has also been freed so that other guests can book it for these dates.

We appreciate your understanding and help preserving the integrity of the Airbnb marketplace.

The Airbnb Team


Hi Paul,

A refund of £5903 has been issued to your credit card (MASTER 9125) for reservation MTW29Q at 长隆北门大石地铁口温馨情侣房 (you originally paid £6319). While this refund is immediate on our part, it can take up to 5 business days for the funds to reach your account.

The Airbnb Team



I haven't attempted to make any reservations recently, I don't think I have a card ending in 9125 (I will check later) and I don't recognise the other name that the first e-mail is addressed to.


Please can someone give me some peace of mind by confiming that these are bogus e-mails, my account han't been compromised and I haven't lost any money?





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Re: Fraudulent e-mail or Account Issue?

СПБ, Russia
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You can check the email header using this guide


On your airbnb account you might check under the 'security' header to check if your account hasn't been hacked and adjusted by 

viewing the log-on history and checking bank details.


If you have further doubts, you can contact airbnb on


United Kingdom +44 203 318 1111

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