Advice appreciated - on-going situation at t date/time of post.

1) Guest due to arrive Monday (of this week). Does not arrive. Sends me message - "trouble with car, will arrive tomorrow" (Tuesday)

2) This situation basically carries on for each day of the booking. I am paid by Airbnb on the Tuesday (as normal). No guest has arrived.


3) It is now Wednesday and they have just messaged again - "still trouble with car, hoping to be there for the last nigh, tomorrow".


4) They are due to checkout Friday. I cannot extend, as I have another guest booked for Saturday arrival.


5) If (assume 'if') guest arrives tomorrow, it will be for 1 night of a 4 night booking.


6) Assume 'trouble with car' is genuine. 


(They seem genuine, and are just have a bout of misfortune) 

What would you do? Would you offer a partial refund as a pure goodwill gesture? If so - how would go about delivering such a gesture?


(My terms are flexible, cancellation up to 24 hours before. So far, no sign in any messages of any refund demands)


Thank all, Chris

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Re: Guest No Show - Although in Contact and has *not* cancelled

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I have a current no-show at the moment.


The guest booked several weeks ago - initially, she sent an inquiry which changed to a trip request as I watched, where she jumped right into "Can I check out at 4pm since I have a later flight?"  No introduction, no other communication. 8 prior reviews, mostly good, not perfect, someone mentioned house rules. 


I offered a 2-hour extension on the check-out, until 2pm, and she sent a nice thank-you note back. 


Yesterday was check-in day - my check-in time is 3pm and that is in my check-in instructions which I send 2 days before arrival. 


Yesterday, I got a message at 11.30 am saying she had arrived early, and could she have an early check-in or drop off bags?    I indicated I was working, and the space wasn't ready yet (since I was planning on a 3pm check-in) ,  but said I would message if I could have the space ready earlier.  She just said "no worries". 


I messaged at 1.30pm letting the guest know the space would be ready at 2pm, an hour early. 


No acknowledgement, and no check-in yesterday. Nothing so far today, either.   It seems possible she connected with friends. Right now I'm in wait-and-see mode. I haven't reached out. 



Re: Guest No Show - Although in Contact and has *not* cancelled

Chicago, IL
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Heard from the guest - she crashed at a friend's place, checking in today. So, you never know !

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