Hi everyone,

I have a guest who made an "instant booking" and who has NO profile photo. Airbnb rules state:

"Airbnb requires the following from every guest: Profile photo"

How was it possible that this person was able to do an "instant booking"? 

Definition of instant booking according to Airbnb: "Guests must still meet Airbnb’s requirements", so, if one of the requirements is having a profile photo, i wonder how tbis situation was possible..

Can anybody help?



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Re: Guest WITHOUT Profile photo

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He has provided an email address and phone number but no ID and he has only 1 very short review...

Re: Guest WITHOUT Profile photo

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I am confused by the setting that says:

(Check a guest’s profile photo)

Profile photo required
If you turn on this requirement, you’ll be able to see guests’ profile photos after a booking is confirmed, but not before. 
So, my question is, If I turn this setting to off, will I be able to see the potential guests picture before the booking?
I look on the help page (see below and it doesn't make this clear.

Checking out your guest’s profile photo is a great way to get to know them. If it’s not available, here’s why: 

  • The booking isn't confirmedTheir photo only becomes available after confirmation. 
  • They don’t have oneWhile we strongly encourage guests to add photos, we don’t require them—

Re: Guest WITHOUT Profile photo

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@Shawn592  Hosts never see a guest's profile photo before a booking is confirmed, regardless of whether  it's an IB or a request and regardless of what requirements you check.


And your question doesn't make much sense- if someone books by IB, the host doesn't even know about the booking until it's confirmed. 

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