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in Czech republic we have a law by which everyone who provides accommodation services has to keep a Guest book with personal data for each guest and report this to the Foreign police. I have started hosting just recently but already expirienced several times that guests are unfamiliar and of course uncomfortable with providing me with such data. Therefore I thought it would be great if Airbnb could at least warn people coming in countries where such law exists, that they might be asked for providing the host with their personal data, or even better if Airbnb could collect these data from people travelling to countries where it's neccessary and allow the hosts to access the data about their guests. Or does such a thing already exist here or Airbnb and I am only not aware of it?



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the same law is in Croatia, Italy and some other countries.

Just write in your house rules that every guest has to be registered and to show his photo id on arrival. (Including children and infants.)

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Greetings Branka,


I worry is not the same thing as Marketa says.


It's one thing to show ID at the moment of arrival and it's a total different thing to literally provide pwrsonal data which will be stored and at the disposal of the host.


While I can understand that Foreign Police wants some population evidence, it would make sense if there's more than 90 days stay.

But when i go for 5 days in Prague for instance, I find it slightly ridiculous.

Nevertheless I am happy to respect the law of the land if my personal data are available only to the said institution Foreign Police for population evidence 

But I'm certainly not at all happy when my ID and personal address are shared with an Airbnb host , of which I have as details only a given name and that's it.

What guarantees me they won't be sharing /using that info with a third party.

Obviously I want to think everyone is of good intentions, but it should be an equal footing of sharing information at this point.

Currently I will go to Prague next week, I had to fill out the form Domovni Kniha at my host request.

However I thought the info goes only to the state's institution.

When in is what I was told after filling the form: 

" Who works with your data and how can you contact us? The host is always a data controller of your personal data. We, i.e. the company Zelená Garance s.r.o., with its registered office at Štefánikova 248/32, Smíchov, 150 00 Prague 5, id.n.: 06521860, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 283361, are on the other hand the processor of your personal data – Your personal data will always be available for us from the host. You can contact us at the address of our registered office or by e-mail at"

See attached the full document.


I'm quite upset by this situation to be honest...


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