Guest wanting full refund after leaving

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Guest wanting full refund after leaving



I am a beginner at this. Our second guest has asked for a full refund after finding dog fleas in our cottage. They only told us about it on their last night but now they want a full refund for a 5 night stay.

I wrote about this in another thread but now my question is about refunds.


I have sent a request for help from Airb&b but still haven't heard anything back. Is this normal after 24 hours?


Also I see that it is better to use the Airb&b messaging system for communicating with my guests so I have copied my recent reply on there. I really want to get this issue resolved but everyone I ask tells me that it is not reasonable to ask for a full refund for five days when the problem was not identified until the end of the holiday. I don't know what to do - I want to be fair but it also fair to me as they did have a holiday in my cottage and spent several days sight-seeing and enjoying being here.


Any advice please!  I am feeling very upset about this and don't understand the Airb&b site enough to get around it easily. What happens if I offer a partial refund?  Should I write first making an offer?  What happens if they refuse it? 


thanks in advance for your wonderful help -I know many of you are more experienced at this than I am.



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Just had first experience with such a scam artist. No complaints, positive comments during conversation.  Guest extended their stay to 21 nights. Checked out today & requested a full refund! Um, what?! LOL?!

That 24 hour policy is 👌 I am hopeful Airbnb Resolution centre will be supportive.

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Some guests are scam artists. Just experienced that … after the guest has left 



I was curious about this demand for refund after the fact as it seemed so non-sensical. I had thought there was no advice on it from airbnb, but seems there is and it's within 24 hours that a claim must be made. I suggest you read the whole article.


Travel Issue  (c) at the start of the Guest’s reservation, the Accommodation: (i) is not generally clean and sanitary (ii) contains safety or health hazards that would be reasonably expected to adversely affect the Guest’s stay at the Accommodation in Airbnb’s judgment, (iii) does not contain clean bedding and bathroom towels available for the Guest’s use, or (iv) has vermin or contains pets not disclosed on the listing.


Conditions to Claim a Travel Issue. Only a Guest may submit a claim for a Travel Issue. If you are a Guest, in order to submit a valid claim for a Travel Issue and receive the benefits with respect to your reservation, you are required to meet each of the following conditions:
(a) you must bring the Travel Issue to our attention in writing ( or via telephone and provide us with information (including photographs or other evidence) about the Accommodation and the circumstances of the Travel Issue WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER THE START OF YOUR RESERVATION, and must respond to any requests by us for additional information or cooperation on the Travel Issue.
(b) you must not have directly or indirectly caused the Travel Issue (through your action, omission or negligence).
(c) you must have used reasonable efforts to try to remedy the circumstances of the Travel Issue with the Host prior to making a claim for a Travel Issue.

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I am in the same situation of a guest that only claimed for gardening noises on the last day. . I discovered later that day that the noises were in a neighbouring golf course. After leaving, she made a very destructive review about noises. Then she used the resolution  center to request a 55%  refund. This is very disapointing and a nighmare, because it was my first negative review about something that I never had a guest complaning about noise in a golf resort. I have the fealing  that the only purpose is to take advantage of me in this situation where i have no control over the maintenance of a golf course or on the maintenance of neigbouring garden. This "within 24 hours to present the claim"  is the key to close this situation. Thank  you Ange for showing this requirement.



There seem to be more and more of these occurrences.  I am wondering why a guest would stay for all of the days of their reservation, without saying a word, in a listing that they find so unbearable that they believe a full refund is warranted for all the days that they decided to stay there?  As a suggestion, for future,  I would ask guests after giving them time to settle in, if they are settled in comfortably and encourage them to contact you immediately if there are any problems, preferably via the message board.


As for what to to: I believe the guest needs to ask for a refund through the resolution center. You can accept or reject it, or make a counter offer.  If you (or the guest) rejects it, it gets escalated to Airbnb arbitration. Airbnb should have clear guidelines for guests regarding this after-the-end -of-stay refund demand, especially when nothing was mentioned during the stay (however, I have never come across any articles on it) because, Airbnb do get the last word on whether and how much to refund if you and the guest cannot come to an agreement.

(however, I have never come across any articles on it)  -  Actually there is one. see below.

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Hi Kate


I am sorry this has happened to you. I think if your guests didn't notify you until the last day of their holiday that there was a problem. It is unreasonable for them to be claiming a total refund.


If it was that unbearable they wouldn't have stayed all that time particularly with a young child. If I was in that situation I would have contacted you and BnB on the first day it happened and ask to be found somewhere else.


In my opinion a refund of one night would be reasonable.


I don't find BnB to be an easy website to find your way around at all and I find them very slow to respond when you contact them through the resolution centre.


I would suggest you make sure all correspondence with guests going forward is through their messaging system and that you call BnB directly and say that you would like to offer your guest a refund of one night, which you feel is reasonable as they didn't indicate throughout their stay that there was an issue and therefore give you an opportunity to address.

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Lamorna, United Kingdom


thank you Helen - you helped me on a really bad day.


Airbnb have now been in touch and were great so I am hoping to resolve this soon.


I did as you suggested and put my email onto the airbnb site so it is all being monitored. The guy who rang me also said my discussions all need to be there so they can help.


I managed to get help by sending a message to the Twitter page of Airbnbhelp - then sent a private message. They got back to me quickly.


Thank you !

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