Guest with dog left and now the couch and bed are itchy!!

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Hello everyone!

So 2 guests and their dog left on sunday and I came over to stay in the apartment myself on monday and whenever im sitting on the couch i get itchy all over yet I cant see no fleas nor do I have any bite marks! The bed where they slept (im thinking the dog also because the room was very smelly of dog when I arrived here) is also making me itch! I tried sprinkling baking soda and then vacuuming the couch thoroughly but it didn’t work because as i type this sitting in the couch I still itch! I have guests coming in tomorrow so im really stressed and don’t know what to do :frowning_face: Any advice? 

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Re: Guest with dog left and now the couch and bed are itchy!!

Arkansas, United States
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I would guess that you are allergic to the dander of that particular type of dog, if not all dogs.


Your next guests, if they don’t have dogs themselves, should be made aware that they might want to cancel if they have dog allergies.


It’s also possible that the dog was treated with some kind of insecticide to which you are allergic, or perhaps it rolled in something nasty.


You might try covering the couch with a blanket that fits in with your decor.



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