Happy 2021!

Weaverville, NC
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I have been super lucky during this challenging hosting time!  My guests thus far, have been safety minded and very respectful of my home and their suite. I love hosting and always striving to find new ways to make special touches to the space.  My guests do have a half bath in the suite, and go upstairs to use a private shower only for them. I have had a few guests (3) comment about going upstairs to shower. Those guests are the ones that did not read the description on my listing.  A few times I have mentioned it when they message at the time of booking. Any other suggestions?! 

Maxine Quinlan

Weaverville NC

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Re: Happy 2021!

СПБ, Russia
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How many stairs do they have to climb?


Unless your staircase is like the Half Dome in Yosemite or the equivalent of the Niesen Run..if you have it clearly stated in the listing and repeated during the booking welcome message, not much else you can do really other than not to let guests comments rattle you.

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