Hiring a cleaner or an AirBnB Manager

Western Australia, Australia
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Hi there, I am currently a host of only one small Airbnb property (it's a granny flat) of which I have minimum stay requirements. I am considering hiring a cleaner/manager for the property as I would like to not always be tied down to cleaning days etc. I always block off a day prior and a day after each booking to enable a good five-step cleaning plan in line with Covid arrangements however I would also like to be able to go on holiday myself at some stage. I am in Scarborough, Western Australia and am wondering if anyone has a recommendation as to how I would best go about this. I am used to doing all the cleaning myself and the maintenance so I would feel quite anxious to leave the property to just a random cleaner. I have a lockbox etc for Keys so check-in isn't a problem, but there are random things that come up during a guest's stay. My place is not luxury, more a beach shack with some glamour and eclectic charms but I am certainly intent on knowing the cleaning is up to scratch for guests check-in. I usually prepare all the spare linen before the next check-in, but if I was away I would be relying on the cleaner to do this. At my count it is about 5 loads of washing Any thoughts?

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