Host cancelling

Potosi, MO
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I had a reservation booked for months and 10 days before I was to leave the host emailed me and cancelled! Few hours later it was re listed under a different name for more than triple what I paid! Airbnb customer service has been a nightmare to deal with! Shocked that airbnb allows host to represent them like this.. From what I have read its an ongoing thing. 

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Re: Host cancelling

Berlin, Germany
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@Lloyd-Samantha0   Hosts are penalized for cancelling guest bookings (the listing's calendar dates are blocked and the host pays a fine), but there's nothing exactly stopping a dodgy host from creating a new listing. Savvy guests will know to check the host's user profile for evidence of past cancellations and approach a new, unreviewed listing with heightened skepticism.


Apart from refunding your payment, I don't think there's anything else customer service can do for you. They certainly can't force the host to reinstate your original booking, and any action taken against the host will not be disclosed to you.

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