Host letting agent altering terms

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I made a booking last November for a villa in Spain this July through Airbnb. Spain will be open for business and look to be allowing U.K. visitors without needing to quarantine. We live in Scotland and the rules for us to travel out and not quarantine on return are not yet sorted. They probably will get announced soon and we will be good to go, but we should have the ability to use the Airbnb exceptional circumstances policy if necessary. 

On Friday night I received a direct email from the property agent managing the villa. They confirmed our booking and stated that if we didn’t reply in 48 hours they would take that as acceptance of their house rules.  If I don’t accept their house rules they will cancel the booking. 

On reading the house rules, They are fine except they have a cancellation policy that would be fine in normal circumstances but doesn’t mention or match the Airbnb Cv19 exceptional circumstances policy.  

My concern is that they are trying to avoid any chance of a refund if we cannot travel. Are they allowed to contact us outwith Airbnb?  Can they claim their cancellation policy supersedes the Airbnb one?  I contacted Airbnb support but have had no reply. 


What should I do?

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Re: Host letting agent altering terms

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@David6919 I would report the host to Airbnb making sure you do so on the system so there is a record of so doing.

The host is well out of order and Airbnb should deal with them.

Given that the contact is outside  Airbnb I don't think anything you agree to will override the Airbnb cancellation policy but who knows.

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