ID is being reviewed for over 12 hours

Ghent, Belgium
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Hey Airbnb community,


I am having a trouble with verification of my profile, although it was verified long time ago, Airbnb requested it once again during booking request.


I have taken the necessary step, took a picture of myself via browser, and it would normally take 12 hours for them to review it and eventually approve.


After 12 hours I've received an email saying, my booking has been cancelled, as my profile wasn't verified. I thought I might need to upload a new picture of better quality or whatever, but it says "We're still verifying your ID", and it hasn't changed since 3 days ago. All is well, but I kind of need to book asap.


Support isn't responding at all, even though I created tickets a few times (and archived old ones).


Has such issue ever occurred to anyone? What did you do to fix it?



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Re: ID is being reviewed for over 12 hours

Ghent, Belgium
Level 1

Problem solved


For those struggling with the same issue:

1. Download Airbnb mobile app (or launch it if you already have it installed);

2. Go to Account settings. Find Government ID option and click 'Remove'. 

3. Now that your ID is removed, you need to re-upload it again. Try to take good quality photos;

4. Take a picture of yourself. Again, make sure that it is bright enough and clear, to avoid doing it again.


Normally, the verification process will take much less and you will be able to book again!

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