Installing a hidden camera

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New York, NY

Installing a hidden camera

I'm considering installing a "nanny cam" in a common area in my apt to monitor things since I'd like to be able to rent my space when I'm not there sometimes.

The camera would cover the living room, kitchen and apt exit, not the bedroom or bathroom. It appears to be legal in NYC.

My question is, should I inform guests that the apt is monitored? I was thinking that if they knew that, it would deter theft, parties, etc and I just wouldn't have to worry. Where as if they didn't know, they could still steal but I would have a record of it. But I'd prefer to just prevent it upfront. 

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I think some hosts don't tell unsuspecting guests they have cameras inside their apartment or house so they can film people while they watch.










GOD will Judge them.


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Long Beach, NY

Definitely let them know or have it disclosed in your Airbnb listings. I'm dealing with the opposite situation right now. Me and my boyfriend are staying in someone's apartment and they never told us about the cameras. Apparently she is friends with my old landlord, so I'll tell u a little about our situation long story short I was hit by a car (I was walking)  my pelvis was split in half had 3 bars placed in my hip several slipped discs anyway I have a lawsuit going on and things went bad with old landlords. So the lady upstairs is watching my every move. I hear her all day making comments about weather or not I'm really hurt and in the bedroom I hear her as well making comments on me taking my persciptions. I feel like I'm being stalked I don't change in the bedroom.  I can't find the cameras and I don't know what to do it's getting to me. 

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Sydney, Australia

I wish there was a 360 degree camera set to snap at the posted check in and check out times, that records the condition of the listing and emails it to Airbnb. 


Would leave no room for argument for theft or damage.

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Elizabeth, NJ

Yes, i think you should let your guest know if you are going to do this they should know if they want to rent from you, there was a report from CBS that the hidden cameras are in bedrooms and in bathrooms, if you must install cameras you must simple must let those people you are renting out to know because it is an invasion of privacy to film people in their bedrooms and bathrooms thoses are private areas and your renter should be respected if they do not wish to rent from you because you are wanting to film them in their private space.

thank you,

Blanca in NJ

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San Diego, CA

I am not sure what you have decided, but here is my opinion:


All of this hidden camera idea seems downgrading to Airbnb. The benefit of using Airbnb over hotels is that you make yourself at home while you are in a remote location. If they are not being monitored at their home, they would not feel comfortable being monitored by you.

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Dundalk, Ireland

Bit creepy to be honest.

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Weston, MA

I just saw a most disturbing video story this morning about a couple finding hidden cameras in the smoke detector.  My husband and I rented a property for the weekend last month, and noticied a camera sitting on top of the armoire in the living room.  The host seemed to text me (several times) right after we would return to the property.  I was sickened by the camera, but my husband turned it upside down and yet we still felt we were being watched.  The listing mentions nothing of the camera.  When I "reviewed" the property, I certainly did mention it and he responded saying that it is turned off during rental season.  I am wondering if it is my obligation now to report this so this does not happen to future unsuspecting guests.



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Greenwich, CT

You should report it. It is against AirBnB policy not to mention the presence of a camera in a listing.

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La Quinta, CA

@Megan5 There is a tech solution I saw recently that might be of interest to you also.

It’s called the  Party Squasher. It monitors the WiFi and cell activity in the room and it can actually give you a count of the number of devices, phones and tablets that are active in your rental. It also sends you an alert if the number of detected devices exceeds your preset limit. So if all of a sudden you detect 15-20 devices in your can act on it. It looks pretty simple to hook up, just plug and play. It also sends an alert if it’s disconnected. This is tops on my list of new tech. 

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Royal Palm Beach, FL


Take me a look at this link. I just saw this story on the news (10/10/2017)

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Wilkesboro, NC

If I found a hidden camera inside the private space of the residence, that was not disclosed, I would absolutely sue the host and Airbnb as well as charge the host with whatever I could in their respctive state.


This is a total invasion of privacy and this is illegal in many states.  The owner could possibly be charged with secret peeping among other types of charges. If you videod your guests having sex without their knowledge or videoed a naked child you could be charged in some states with sex offenses and possibly be listed on a sex offense registry. I am not sure why a host would open themselves up to such liabilities.


Many people do not realize that once they list their properties on Airbnb that they are essentially in the same business as a hotel. You are responisble for your space as well as the safety and wellbeing of your guests to the extent of your respective state and Federal laws. Unless you are set up as a business, private individuals are opening themselves up to a lot of liability.






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Tallinn, Estonia

First off, it is a horrible idea to put cameras anywhere inside the house. I would never in a million years stay in a place I found had cameras. Just the idea of someone watching you living in your temporary home is super-creepy. And if I ever caught someone filming me in a rental house/apartment without consent and prior notice... let's just say it would cause more trouble for them than any of their TVs or night-tables could be worth. Doesn't matter if it's a hall, living room, or common area - people have all sorts of habits they'd rather the world not know about. And if privacy is assumed, it should be private. If not, LET THEM KNOW!

Cameras on outside exits would be fine. Maybe even the outside of windows, but not with a view inside.


If you are allowed to and are going to put some cameras inside, PLEASE let them know on the advertizement. Not the night of - I mean on your advertizement page with the room numbers and amenities. First of all, letting them know already filters out most people with nefarious intentions. It also releases you from a lot of trouble if they find it out later - cause they agreed to stay already knowing. And finally, it's a risk for them staying in a strange house as well - the host could steal their stuff during the day, steal their identification info, or film them walking around the house naked.


Whatever the case, you want your guests to trust you and you want to be able to trust them. The best way to do this is by letting them know what's going on.


If you're paranoid, maybe let them know ahead of time that you need a copy of their ID and are willing to offer yours.

I have never before used airbnb and the possibility of cameras is the only reason why...


Whenever we travel abroad, we typically hire a suite or the more spacious and private acommodation when available at the hotel/resort that we are visiting. The reason for this is simply that I like to have enough space to be comfortable but also, if my wife wants to lay by the pool and sunbath without much clothes, she should be able to, given that we have paid for the entire space and nobody else is around. Also, I am sure it is not just my wife but getting ready to go out is not something she likes to rush so during that time, she may decide to walk through the hallway to the kitchen to get a drink. Should she have to put on clothes simply because she is going to walk past a camera in the hallway? I dont want it to sound like we are naked all the time as it is not the case but when you are on vacation and in your private space, you should be able to walk around as if you were in your own home without fear of your naked body being captured on video. 

My thoughts on the matter are that cameras should be forbidden inside of an airbnb listing. If somebody has a fear that their possesions may be stolen or damaged then they should think again if renting their property in this way is really for them or they should tell airbnb that they are not confifdent in their checks/vetting, security deposits or policies.

I think it's a bad idea. 


They are mentioned in our listing, and we let guests know when they check in. If you have secret cameras, you are just going to make Airbnb sites suspect for guests.

I have several this cameras outside my house which were installed before Airbnb but if I knew I was booking a listing with cameras inside, hidden or not, I would not choose to book that listing.  I believe if you are going to install a camera inside your listing, you should make it VERY CLEAR in your listing.



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Omaha, NE

Yea... you should just make a list of what is in the place.  Price it for your personal info and put a security deposit similar to it or at least for things people might actually want to take...

I personally search, with my wife, every place we go to.  We move picture frames, look under beds, light fixtures, behind and around everything that looks or doesn't look movable.  Maybe a little bit paranoid but knowing where there aren't camera's is worth the time we think.  If we ever found a camera...there'd be some big time **bleep** storm going down.

I'm not really leaving this comment for you so much as anyone else that comes across this.  I'm sure we're not the only ones who do this.  And whoever does it is probably in deep $h1t when they have a guest who looks.

I'd be ok with a camera outside.  Just say it's there.  Nobody likes being greeted to a camera free apartment like a camera looking at their door that wasn't spoken of.  You could sell it as a feature Up Front if you word it right.  "Front door monitored 24/7" ...but then you'd want to have someone looking over it periodically and probably save the recordings.  If anything of the guests is stolen, they're going to want Your video to find out who, otherwise they might just blame you because you conveniently don't have the recording of their front door when you said it was secure.  

We like places with cctv and guards on duty.  But that's not everywhere.  Anyway, think it through.  The part where everything goes right....and if everything goes wrong.  Security deposit and no security is easiest, cheapest and safest for you (i would assume..).

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Bristol, United Kingdom

OMG - is your post for real 🙂


Life is much to short to be searching a property from top to bottom when you are on holiday on the vague off chance their could be a hidden camera.


Maybe it's a US thing?


I don't know anyone here who has CCTV in their homes or rentals.


Nor do the majority of places here have guards on duty or CCTV.

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Palmyra, VA

My inside cameras are installed for the purpose of checking on my animals when I am away from home, so only using outside cameras isn't really an option for me. I disclosed it in my listing, noted that the cameras are only used for that purpose, that I respect my guests' privacy, and they will be turned off or removed if anyone is to be sleeping in one of the common areas... Hopefully people still come =(

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Miami, FL

Airbnb and laws in most location require the disclosure of cameras. We have cameras to monitor entry ways and common areas. They are mentioned in our listing, and we let guests know when they check in. If you have secret cameras, you are just going to make Airbnb sites suspect for guests.

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New York, NY

I have a camera in my main area and I disclose it to my guests. I have been told that it makes my guests feel safer. I have more than one room that I airbnb and I am also in NYC, meaning I actually live in my listing. Just having a camera outside of my apartment is not enough because I've seen guests try other guests doors including my own. They could easily put stolen items in their own room and leave unsuspected days later. 

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Edmonton, Canada

Just an FYI on this:




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