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Hello to all. My name is Amanda and I am really trying to get into hosting with Airbnb. I am looking to try to find a mentor and someone who would potentially be willing to work together in hosting my first property. I do not have a property that I could list now, I was looking into arbitrage in a bigger city. I currently live about an hour from Philadelphia, does anyone have any insight in hosting an arbitrage in a city far away from your home? Please reach out to me if you are interested in working together, or if you have any tips.

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Arkansas, United States
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It’s not a good idea to post your personal email address here. You may attract the attention of people who are not very nice before a CC monitor deletes it.


People who are able to help you can contact you through this community center.


As for rental arbitrage, I know it is done but you really have to get express written permission from the property owner first, and that may not be forthcoming.


 I would NEVER agree to it for property that I own.


Ideally you would find a property close to your home, next door, if possible, so that you can easily monitor and maintain it yourself.


Remote management is usually difficult and expensive. You might end up losing money as well as your sanity.

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