My listings have been paused and it appears I am suspended... Why?

Nelson, New Zealand
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Hi Community Centre, please help!


I am extremely new to hosting (August) and am currently hosting my first booking for one of my listings that just-so-happens to be 35 days long. Everything is going well, the Airbnb'ers are lovely people and can contact me whenever they need anything. 


Last night I received an email from customer support saying nothing specific apart from my account being suspended. I also don't know how long it is for. Here is the email:


We’re committed to helping protect the safety of our community. Our policies generally call for action against guests and Hosts that fail to follow our standards and expectations. However, in certain limited cases, we believe it’s necessary to take action when an account is closely affiliated with another account that didn’t comply with our Community Standards. You can read our standards at:

We take privacy very seriously and can’t share specific information about the listing, person, property, or location that triggered this action. This affiliation may be with someone that you host with, someone that you mentioned on your account, or that you travel with, or someone we suspect may have access to your place to stay.

To restore full access to your account, you’re welcome to respond in writing with any information or documentation that you believe may help us determine you’re no longer associated with this listing, person, property, or location.


I have tried calling the call centre twice and starting a conversation via the app however customer support have said that I have to wait until I get a reply email as they can't see anything. The only thing I can think of which would impact me is the fact that I have no reviews for this listing yet but I won't get one for another 28 days (when the group checks out), or my mum has put me as a co-host of one of her properties (my granny is the cleaner and I have to remind her when people are checking out) and she recently cancelled a booking 5 minutes after someone instant booked. Would this impact me?


I'm extremely confused and feel like i'm being punished for no reason. Can anyone help or has anyone been in this situation? 




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Re: My listings have been paused and it appears I am suspended... Why?

England, United Kingdom
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@Morgan500 I am afraid you have just joined a growing group of people who have had their listings suspended without being given a reason. You are lucky in that you will hopefully sort this out before your current booking ends so you might get away with no financial loss.

I would warn your current guests as, worst case, Airbnb may inform them that they are unsafe and that they should leave the listing immediately! Hopefully they will just see this as Airbnb incompetence!

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