Need to change government ID

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i would like to change my profile and government ID to reflect that our co-host is actually the host of our profile, not myself.


When i listed the property on Airbnb, I was helping a friend out. She wanted to Airbnb her home but needed help with listing it. So, unknowingly, I listed her home under my profile and made her the co-host, then made her the primary host. This is great, but she is limited when doing such things as making claims and isn’t recognized on her profile as a Superhost - which she most definitely is. 


We have figured that the simplest way to fix this is to change my profile over to her. When deleting ID, we understand that it will delete future bookings. My question is, do we have to wait 90 days after our last booking, or can we do it the day after our last booking??


Has anybody successfully transferred their account over to someone else?


thank you!


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Re: Need to change government ID

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@Nadia454transferring an account to another person is against Airbnb's policy, and could at least in theory result in the listing being deactivated... I don't know the answer to your question.

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