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Hi everyone!


So, I've posted a few questions ( you all have been very helpful, thank you) and I , FINALLY, have my guest arriving Saturday! 

I am slightly nervous and have cleaned and made sure everything is suitable for a stranger to stay in, but I am on the fence about my closets. I travel to and fro often and am at my apt only about twice a week (if that) , however, I still have clothes and shoes in the closets. They are all very neat and clean. Should I be worried about the closet space. I have hangers and and a dresser that is completely empty. Room shouldn't be an issue. The closest full, though ? Is that "unprofessional"? 


Thanks for any input!

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Edmonton, Canada
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Hi @Naomie0,


I don't think you have an issue there.  It appears that you have a space for guests to put their clothing so all should be good.


Happy hosting @Naomie0 and come back to let us know how it went with your first guest.




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United States
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If there is anything in your closet/apt you would be sad to go missing, then I would find a way to secure it. Also, be careful with personal files or documents with sensitive information better to be safe than sorry.

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Delft, Netherlands
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@Naomie0, I'd be wary. After reading a number posts on the forum from hosts who have had clothing, shoes, and other personal items stolen, I rearranged my cupboards, moving all my clothing, jewellery, and other valuable items into a cupboard in my own sleeping area. I then had a lock installed on the cupboard door. 


It might be inconvenient, but would it be possible to remove clothing, shoes, etc., and simply place them in your own bedroom while guests are on the premises? I presume your bedroom door has a lock?


In any case, I wish you happy hosting with your first guest. 🙂

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