No longer receiving notification emails

Kalispell, MT
Level 2

I no longer receive notification (bookings, requests, messages, etc.) emails. In my Account > Notifications settings I have 'Messages' and 'Reminders' selected to be received via email (picture below). However, the last three notifications (two messages and one booking confirmation) were never sent to my email. I have checked all of my email folders (inbox, spam, trash, etc.) and they are nowhere to be found. However, my wife (co-host) is receiving the notifications via text and email. Also, I have a gmail account that has not changed since I setup my Airbnb account over 1 year ago, and haven't had a problem with this before about one week ago.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: No longer receiving notification emails

Sayulita, Mexico
Level 10

@David3911  Airbnb can be glitchy like that. One thing you can try is to uncheck that email option, wait a little while, then recheck it. Also, there's no reason why you can't check more than one option. I have both email and SMS text notifications checked, so I get both. That way, if one glitches out, hopefully the other works.

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