No more visible guest scores

Chgo, IL
Level 10

Who else is LESS likely to accept guests now that Airbnb won’t show you the scores other hosts gave them? I have been polite in reviews and a little more accurate in my scoring of guests


now in situations where I’m uncertain, If I don’t see the reassuring great scores to go ahead and accept someone, I decline if I get a bad vibe, due to bad experiences. 


there is a whole archive of useful host feedback that Airbnb just erased




i am very curious what the competition does.  

I bought Airbnb stock recently but I’m thinking competitors have an opportunity to scoop up their hosts if they keep pushing it. So probably was a bad investment!

anyone else upset that they are trying to push bad guests into us? Not long ago they sent me a crack addict, and didn’t pay out for the damage they caused. 

it’s getting really bad! 

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Re: No more visible guest scores

Quilcene, WA
Level 10

@Aleksandra101 hosts who allow instant-booking should be able to see star ratings. I wasn’t able to for a short time earlier this year, but it was a temporary glitch. But please leave accurate text reviews in any case. Hosts who don’t use instant-booking have nothing else to go on and star ratings don’t tell anyone what actually happened.

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