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Good day,


Please can anyone assist me, I am based in South Africa.


A payout was issued to me on the 3rd of April, it is the 13th of April today and I still haven't received the funds for the reservation and our guests checked out on the 5th of April. I have been having no success with the AIRBNB help center trying to assist me in resolving my issue, no one can provide me with clarity on how to get the funds. I have called my bank almost every day and they have confirmed that there is no payment needed for clearance.


This is so frustrating, I am new to AIRBNB and my experience thus far has not been great at all. I am now being ignored by the help center. I have requested for them to email me an actual proof of payment that I can supply to my bank, they have been unable to do so. I am also having trouble with trying to edit my bank account details to see if I listed the correct account details.


Any assistance with resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated!!

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Betreff: Payout issue

Stuttgart, Germany
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Is this your first booking, @Ashley1112 ?

The first payout can be delayed up to 4 weeks due to security reasons.

Betreff: Payout issue

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Hi there @Till-and-Jutta0 ,


Yes, this was our first booking. Ok thank you for advising, I was just getting a bit worried as bank transfers take up to 7 working days, I wasn't aware that there might be a delay

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