Payouts in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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I have been receiving payouts from our apartment in Rio since 2015, but suddently, this July, AirBnB stopped transferring the payouts.  They just started accumulating in the pending tab. 


After waiting two months to see if they would fix it, I finally got on the help desk in early October, and have been going back and forth with AirBnB on an almost daily basis for the past six weeks.  It is absurd. 


First they said I needed to reload my bank account information, even though the current long-term stay had been approved by the platform with that bank account information, and all previous payouts had used that information.  But I reloaded the same info, and they validated it, but the payouts did not arrive. 


Then after much back and forth with different helpdesk avatars, they said I needed to upload my Brazilian residency ID and switch to a Brazilian bank account to receive payouts, which I did.  They approved the account and the documents, but again, the payouts remained pending. 


Then after much back and forth and several phone calls, they said that it was a technical platform problem, and that the engineering department would have to fix it. 


Meanwhile, the payouts from October and November have been added to the pending payouts list!  Today is six weeks to the day, and I have 7 pending payouts worth around $2,500 that AirBnB has received in my name, but cannot figure out how to transfer to me. 


The last thing they told me was they need my tax returns!   I told them I am done, and they need to figure out a way to send me what they owe me.  If they cannot make payouts, they should not approve reservations !!!


Has anyone else had this type of problem, or is it just me? 

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Re: Payouts in Brazil

California, United States
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Have you been able to resolve this? Brazil does not show up as a payout option anymore in the drop down when adding payouts.

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