Payouts to Cuban Hosts

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Hi everyone,


I'd like to know how are Cuban hosts getting their payouts in Cuba now that transfers to the AIS cards are not possible and the only option available for Cuba is "cash payment". Is that system actually working? If so, are payouts received in foreign currency or in the local one? How long does it typically take for payouts to be received in this way?


Thanks in advance and hope to hear from someone soon.

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Re: Payouts to Cuban Hosts

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Hello @Natalia1054 and welcome to ABB CC from across the lands and seas in New Zealand.


Whilst I am unable to answer your questions, this is a very important topic to raise with the pending worldwide expansion of Cryptocurrencies, geography and other factors the Financial sectors and our Governments all need a wake up call on that some people still rely on cash transactions and may not have access to the same offerings imposed on us.


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