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Hello all,

I have couple questions, we have always been Pet friendly and not had a fee. Here recently we have had quite a few pet issues with the guest not cleaning up after them (which we ask them to) and with the pets doing their thing on the furniture etc. So my questions are 1: what is a good pet fee and do you charge it nightly or one time. 2: how to you add it to the stay or is it collected through the resolution center? 


Thank you:) 

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@Lynsie0  we charge $20/night/pet and could probably charge more. We collect it via the resolution center one week before check-in. (You can't request money until the guest's final payment is made, and you don't know when that is.) It's inconvenient and cumbersome but it works.

Re: Pet fee question

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Hey @Lynsie0,


We’re very happy to share some details with you that have been recently announced! In the following weeks, Hosts will finally be able to add a Pet fee to their listing. 🙌 🐕


We really appreciate your feedback, so please share with the Community your first impressions on the new feature once it has launched. We look forward to hearing what you think. 😊




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