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 While reading through topics I found a woman saying the below:



“Once the booking has been confirmed, I ask for the names of all the members of the party and also reinforce the rule that only registered guests are welcome. “


Does anyone know what she meant by only registered guests? Registered with Airbnb or registered with her and how do you know their registered and is there a way to add them to the reservations ?


Jazmin Elena
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Re: Please advise!

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
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hello @Jazmin23 ,

Additional guests (having an Airbnb account) can be added to a reservation by the main guest.

Guest not having an account can be "registered" at the host by providing their names. Then only known  guests are welcome (known by Airbnb account or by provided name), so no other persons may stay in the accomodation.

best regards, Emiel

Re: Please advise!

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Hi @Jazmin23,


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I was wondering if you've seen Emiel's reply? 



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Re: Please advise!

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If you booked for 10 people including yourself, the host is asking for the names of the 10 guests that will be occupying the reservation with you. If any of them have an ABB account they can be added to the booking.



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