Poor Guest Behavior - feedback requested

Spokane, WA
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Hello all,


I have a ring doorbell (disclosed on my listing and in my guidebook).  I keep getting alerts on my ring seeing the guest's child go in and out, in and out and he is playing with the mail slot next to the door in addition to pushing the button on the ring.  Mostly just annoying until I see on one video someone throw water out the slot and hit him in the face.  My first thought was oh #$# my walls (lathe and plaster) and beautiful hard wood floors.  


The guest has 2 nights left.  They have never used an air b n b before (no reviews).  Do I contact them now and tell them firmly that no one should be throwing water and/or playing with the mail slot and ring, risking a possible negative review, or just wait and see if there is any damage when they check out and then keep part of their deposit after using the resolution center?  

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Re: Poor Guest Behavior - feedback requested

Sayulita, Mexico
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You can't "keep part of their deposit", because Airbnb doesn't hold a security deposit from guests. It's only there as a threat that it could be charged. If you want to charge a guest for damages, you have to first send them a request for payment, and if they refuse, you then have to try to get Airbnb to pay, which is no easy task.


If guests are behaving in a way that isn't right, you should address it right away. Send them a message telling them the ring doorbell kept pinging on your end, so you saw the child going in and out, which is fine, but then him banging the mail slot and the playing with the ring bell, and some water being thrown out of the mail slot, which is a concern for you to have water thrown about in the house, as it could damage your floors and furnishings.  Try to be tactful, as in "I know kids will be kids, and I'm glad they're having a good time, but I would really appreciate you keeping a close eye on them and not letting them play with things they could damage or throwing water around unless they are outside."



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