Problem with 2 step verifications in my account

England, United Kingdom
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My account was set up and verified using my old phone number. Airbnb has disabled the 2 step verification via email options once your phone number is validated. I have now resided in another country (UK), and obviously changed the number.  I recently began hosting, however, i can't change/add my new number, can't add payout method either (as this requires 2 steps verification through my old phone number).

I rang Airbnb help and escalate, however, the only solution they suggest is to switch to a different account (which meant i will lose all my reviews and pending payout). 


Has anyone faced a similar issue, and how did you overcome it? 2-step verification via email is standard and supported in many applications, and as a technology-led platform, it's such a backward step for Airbnb. 




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