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Clemson, SC
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I have a guest asking for a full refund for unfounded reasons. I have pretty good evidence that their reasons for asking for a refund are baseless, however, I'm considering the refund to avoid a bad review which I expect. My question: if a full refund is issued, does the guest still have the ability to leave a review?

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Re: Review after Refund

Paris, France
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Hi @Sandy322 

If you have a full refund, the guest could still leave the experience review by staying at your place.


Guests and hosts have 14 days after checkout to write a review. The reviews only show up when both parties submit their feedback or when the 14 days of the end.


An honest and fair review is greatly appreciated.

Airbnb reviews system is beyond control. Untrue, unfair, and revenge reviews are rebellious.

In addition to leaving guest reviews, you’ll also need to actively respond to their feedback, especially if it’s negative. You have 30 days from the time the study was published to write a response.


You have got an option to send a forthright apology and acknowledge the refund to the guest.

I hope so they will leave you a positive review.

You never know.


Dale and Dan

Re: Review after Refund

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
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Yes, the guest can still leave a review.

Maybe discuss the situation first with Airbnb, if the guest is cheating it should be solved in another way.

Or provide some more information here about the issu,e to get advise from other hosts.

Re: Review after Refund

Bristol, United Kingdom
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Why would you feel refunding the guest would avoid a negative review @Sandy322 ?


You can refund them and they can still leave you a bad review.


Difficult to comment more as you haven't said what the circumstances are, but if the guest has decided to leave early for reasons you feel have nothing to do with the listing then explain that any cancellation will be processed under the cancellation policy they booked under.


You can leave an honest review and if they leave an unfair one you have a right of response and if it doesn't meet Airbnb's T&Cs for reviews you can ask for it to be removed

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