Shared bath photo

Ringgold, GA
Level 2

My bathroom is shared and I have a photo of it on listing, I read somewhere on community that they praise someone from not having a picture of their  bathroom since it is shared. I do have a picture of bathroom on listing and it is shared should I keep it up or best to remove it?


PS: No guests misunderstanding yet for having the photo up and only had one inquiry about bathroom lock which she asked what kind I have which is a key lock not the bath lock which you can open with anything.

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Re: Shared bath photo

Berlin, Germany
Level 10

@Adrienne174   There's no good reason to remove the photo of the bathroom.  All spaces that guests have access to are worth showing in the listing for the sake of accuracy. But the photo captions and listing descriptions should be clear about which spaces are shared and which ones are private.

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