Sponsoring refugees from Ukraine

New South Wales, Australia
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Dear AirBnb

I notice you are encouraging users to support refugees from Ukraine which is an honourable cause. However, AirBnb continues to allow illegal settlers on the west bank to rent places through AirBnb. These settlements are illegal and occupy the land of the Palestinians. The support for the Ukrainian refugees is much needed, so is support for Palestian refugees who are continuing to be displaced by the illegal settlements on the West Bank.

 There seems to be a hierarchy of care being demonstrated ... you can't have it both ways.

ALL Refugees need our support and ALL invasions should be condemned. 

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Re: Sponsoring refugees from Ukraine

Berlin, Germany
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@Jane3601  Airbnb briefly experimented with banning listings in the settlements a few years back, but they couldn't take the political backlash they got for it.


Even here in the message boards, topics that veer into the Israel/Palestine crisis tend to suddenly vanish from the record. It's a radioactive topic that draws out a lot of intensity from both sides, but seldom ever involves any community members who are directly affected by it. In that sense, it's a Troll Magnet. 

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