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Hello just to warn other hosts I received a suspicious looking reservation request from a suspicious account.


When I googled I found this account was related to prepayment fraud.


"Hi , I'm in a business travel and I want to book your apartment . I don't have access at internet all the time so I please you to send me an email if you have those data available in December . My email is : [personal information hidden] I'm unable to read messages from Airbnb and for this reason I request to receive all property info by email . Contact me by email in order to book your property . Thank you ."


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@Q2 thanks for the head's up!  Of course you know that corresponding by private email opens one up to fraud, right?  Sounds like you do!

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@Q2 - Have you called BNB as yet? If not call them know and alert them


Best of luck

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@Q2 As others have said, the very fact that the "guest" wants you to communicate via personal email, and has said that they're having problems communicating via AirBnB's system is ALL you need to know to know that this is going to turn into a scam. Ignore/decline, and report them to AirBnB.

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Hello @Q2,


Great to meet you. Thank you for sharing this with the rest of the community here.


I just wanted to highlight incase you are not aware you can report listings to a team at Airbnb who will look into it further, by clicking on the little flag icon next to a message or on the actual listing you can press the 'Report a listing' button:


Report Listing

I hope you don't mind, but I do have to remove any personal information that is shared here in the Community Center, so I have had to remove this from your post. 


Thanks again,





I'm currently on maternity leave. I look forward to catching up when I return. In the meantime, please contact another member of the Community Manager team: Personal Update

Looking to contact our Support Team, for details...take a look at the Community Help Guides

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The other day I received an email and sms which was so obviously a scam. It said "Hello ,I want to book your appartment, contact me" and then had the phone number written. I didn't answer but wanted to report it to airbnb. However , in the section it only opens up a form in the case I had lost money. Then, I only found it possible to report this person via the airbnb POST, but this was an email and the airbnb site didn't let me report it.

Anyway, this erson called themselves MIRA and the email came in the form of a proper airbnb request.

It's quite obvious it's a scam but best to warn.


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