Suspended Account Without any Explanation or Cause

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To the kind attention of Airbnb community,


Our account has been suspended for no apparent reason 1 and a half month ago and we believe that there is a misunderstanding.
Our account is suspended for many months and we can even find a judge to explain ourselves. And the thing is, we didn't do anything wrong.
I mean we didn't do anything at all! No reservations or no problematic stuff etc.
This is a very rude behavior by Airbnb to suspend an account without even requesting an explanation, or telling us what the problem is.
Is this how a professional work partnership should be? We are a superhost with great ratings, all 5 stars and everything. Not even one bad comment at our place. Why all of a sudden Airbnb stops our business like this? Isn't it against code of conduct of Airbnb? Who will be responsible for the 6 weeks or maybe months that has been closed and gone with our reservation?
I mean if we were a problematic host and had many complaints, low star ratings etc, sure go on and block us without notice.
But we are your successful business partner (a superhost). This way Airbnb will only lose credibility. We expect some feedback and look forward to acquire our lost business.
We can't even login to your account on most occasions. Looking forward to get back on our business and start our cooperation again.
Thank you,
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Re: Suspended Account Without any Explanation or Cause

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
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Did you after 6 weeks discover your account was suspended ?



The community can not help you, you need to contact Airbnb to ask for re-activation of your account (or explanation why it is suspended)

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