Tax forms for 2019 earnings

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Has anyone figured out how to access 1099K. I want to get my taxes figured out. If they don't send a 1099K does that mean that I didn't have over $20,000 in rental earnings? My earnings were just over $20,000..


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Re: Tax forms for 2019 earnings

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Hi Jeanne, my understanding is that you would receive 1099K I lt if you had over 20K and 200+ stays. Did you have both conditions fulfilled? If yes, you should be able to see 1099 loaded to your account. If not, you can use the earning summary to get the total revenue amounts to be used for tax reporting. Ultimately, it means that IRS did not necessarily have your individual host information, but it does not mean you don't need to report it.


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Re: Tax forms for 2019 earnings

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is it either or?

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