Unable to book due to party policy

Taupo, New Zealand
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I’ve been trying to book for New Year’s Eve but due to the party policy it won’t let me even the none of the criteria apply, I’m trying to book a studio that sleeps 2, I’m over 50, live a 3.5 hour drive away and I’ve been a super host and guest with positive reviews. After much discussion with air bnb they couldn’t tell me why and now I’ve been suspended from making any bookings, irrelevant as I can’t book where and when I want anyway. I contacted the host and he didn’t seem to be aware of the policy, so how many others aren’t getting bookings because of this?

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Re: Unable to book due to party policy

London, United Kingdom
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There's been some noise about this on a UK FB group. Female in her 60s trying to book an Edinburgh flat only to get the same brick-wall reception from Airbnb. It's at times like these you need some unscripted common sense, @Alex1777.

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