Uneasy about a booking

Upper Rissington, United Kingdom
Level 1

Hi I have just been informed that guests who are due to arrive in 2 hours are not who has booked.  I am told she booked for her boss - but I have noway of knowing who this person is?  What should I do?

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Re: Uneasy about a booking

Auburn, NE
Level 2

I have experienced the same issue but it has never become a problem. The people always ended up being wonderful guests. But like you I do have an issue with the misrepresentation who is truly renting. It is fraud. I finally put in my listing, “ if you are not renting my property you do not get to stay on my property”

Re: Uneasy about a booking

Alberta, Canada
Level 10

@Debbie958 This is a third party booking. You don't have to accept these people (and personally, I would not).


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