Unresponsive Resolution

Bayview, Australia
Level 2

Hi Airbnb,


Is there any reason why no response has not been provided for a resolution logded on 20 September 2021?


I have sent over 10 emails, called 5 times and countless chat support via the app.


it was interesting enough that one of the staff claimed email was not recieved while we could see it was being recevied and opened via CRM 


it is very unprofessional not to response.


We have been impacted finanically and down graded from superhost all because of one fake review which AIRBNB believed was fair and real while all guests are giving 5  stars. We need to improve this and protect hosts. Without hosts, you wil not any listing at all.

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Re: Unresponsive Resolution

London, United Kingdom
Level 10



This is a community forum where hosts and guests can discuss different topics, seek advice etc. It is not a way to contact Airbnb about your resolution case, which is why you haven't received any responses on this thread.


I am sorry to hear about your experience. I am afraid this seems fairly typical when a host asks for a retaliatory review to be removed. Airbnb aren't interested and you're probably fighting a losing battle, but at least you tried. It's so frustrating when one guest can tank your ratings (same has happened to me, one guest's ratings are going to end a five year straight run of Superhost status). I also got nowhere when I asked for the ratings to be removed.


Every other review for that listing is fantastic, so I am sure you will regain your Superhost status and as his review now appears at the bottom a lot of future guests won't even see it. Even if they do, it's so out of whack with the others, plus you have explained the situation. In a way, it might even help to deter people from bringing unregistered guests to your listing, as I can imagine it's the sort of place to attract party types.

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