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I was scheduled to participate in Northern Arizona Airbnb Community last week. Couldn't get on and lost Zoom link. I am trying to find update on legislation/policy potentially affecting Airbnbs. I have new to Airbnb person who has heard rumors about restricting Airbnb in Sedona.


I went to host resources and also sent msg to the zoom discussion host facilitator. No one has responded yet.

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Re: Upcoming Legislation Arizona

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Hi @Beth44 ! I'm sorry to hear you had some issues trying to join the Zoom call.


It sounds like this was set up through one of the local Host Clubs, though I could be wrong. Since your question is specific to Arizona, I'd recommend asking your question about the legislation there too: https://community.withairbnb.com/t5/Get-Local/ct-p/en_clubs


I hope that helps!

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