Using external calendars to manage guests

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Hello,  I am new to hosting and will host my first guests on July 2nd.  I am nervous but excited.  Any hosting tips anyone can provide as a prepare to greet my first guests?


Also, I noticed there are several external apps that help you manage your bookings in one calendar like bedbooking or Porter.   Has anyone used any of these apps?  If so how do you like using them?


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Using external calendars to manage guests

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@Sonja359 A thought - I've only looked at the master suite but it is confusing. You say it comprises 4 rooms one of which is a bedroom that takes 2 people each (but there is only one). You also say the 1.5 baths are shared - Is this what you mean? Finally you say it has its own entrance - Surely this makes it a flat or do people have to walk through the rest of the house?

I think you need a lot more description of how this all works.

Good luck with your first guests

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