Welcome to The Cafe!

Level 10
London, United Kingdom

Welcome to The Cafe!

Hi everyone and welcome to the Cafe!


This area is meant for all the miscellaneous discussions that you might want to have.


What do you normally talk about when you are having a cup of coffee with friends or new acquaintances? 🙂


Sometimes you might just want to relax and have a nice chat with someone about general interests, get to know each other and have a bit of a laugh. Or, you might just want to say hi. It can happen also that you might notice that a discussion in one of the Airbnb-related sections is veering off topic - when that happens, you are more than welcome to continue it in the Cafe.


Please remember to keep the Community Center Guidelines in mind also when you interact in the Cafe.


New to the Community Center? Check Getting Started for guidelines and info.

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