Why is the texting notification service from Airbnb so horrible?

Hilo, HI
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I am finally fed up with Airbnb SMS text messages and I am turning it off. My messaging app on my phone is getting thousands of different text threads. When each reply uses a different phone number, the SMS text notifications become a complete nightmare. Is there a reason that Airbnb does this? Is this a deliberate attempt to annoy end users? And about a year ago, it stopped being possible to reply to text messages. It used to be a great feature to be able to reply "ACCEPT" to accept a reservation when traveling in an area with poor internet coverage. But apparently, the developers at Airbnb who probably all live in tech areas where internet coverage is excellent don't realize that the rest of us struggle with the US' third world grade telecom services.  Internet coverage sucks once you're outside of the Bay Area, the Los Angeles Basin and New York City. 


So Airbnb, you win, I am doing away with text messages from you. What a shame we can't have decent texting support from you. 


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Re: Why is the texting notification service from Airbnb so horrible?

Auckland, New Zealand
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Axel, we have exactly the same problem now in New Zealand.


It's because it's going through a Call Centre, country unknown where they are based and routed through.


I had 2 entirely different businesses with a txt using the same number, one was Airbnb the other wasn't.

It's annoying and very unprofessional.

One has to question if " Privacy law / Data Regulations" that are in place internationally are been breached.

Just what "data" of ours do these "Call centres / Telecommunications centres have of ours?

There are people who have Protection and Restraining Orders in place and others who have confidential and unlisted phone numbers who must be terrified by this means of communications from unknown people with random numbers showing up.

Re: Why is the texting notification service from Airbnb so horrible?

La Quinta, CA
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@Axel46 and @Helen427  I experienced a text blow up on Saturday as well.  It was weird, but like so many other weird system things, it went away.  I think this is just another system glitch and nothing permanent.

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