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Hello, just wondering if anyone else has this problem.... I noticed in my settings about a week ago that there were 2 devices logged in on my account . They were devices located in china, so I logged them out and ever since doing that, I cannot receive any booking requests via my email .. I have to physically log in my airbnb account and check messages there....  can someone help as airbnb cant seem to help me at this stage.   Does anyone else have devices logged into their account that shouldnt be there.... you might want check !!!   Was quite a surprise to me.

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Hi @Rosie-and-Peter0,

Welcome to the community and Thanks for sharing your experience.

Yes, that is usually changing password because  of data breach.


Login notifications are an extra security feature that can help alert you if someone accesses your Airbnb account without your permission. We'll send you an email each time someone logs in.


What is login notifications?

Host  >dashboard > security > check turn on or turn in login notifications


When someone log in from  different browser and device, you will be asked to confirm that's you.

You will be able to choose the verification method via call, and and email.


What should I do when someone log in to my account


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@Rosie-and-Peter0 It sounds like your account has been hacked. In addition to signing those devices out, you should change your password immediately. You should also check your payout information!!! That would be the primary reason that someone would hack your account, so they can divert payments from AirBnB to another bank account or payout method. 

I hope everything is okay, but please do check everything! 



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@Rosie-and-Peter0 In addition to what @Kia272  suggested to do, check ‘teams’ as well. See this post,

And your activity log should yield info on any changes that may have been made. 

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