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I want to know what should I do to do the right thing! the guest didn´t want to pay before seeing the apartment. ok. she saw the apartment, and insisted on paying cash, convincing my partner that it would turn out cheaper for both!  he didn´t want to lose the client, of course, and accepted. (I was at work, couldn´t be present) .Then called me to ask how he could pay airbnb percentage.... I HAVE NO IDEA ! but we really want to do the right thing, and be honest....WHAT SHOULD WE DO?????


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@Odre0  You should never, ever accept cash payments as it is a violation of Airbnb terms of service and they could remove your listing without notice or explanation.  Cash transactions strip you of any protections Airbnb has to offer you including your cancellation policy or the guarantee that you will be paid.  What will you do if the guest shows up and says they can't pay the full amount?  What if there is damage?  Your security deposit is gone.  

If you accept cash payments then there is no Airbnb fee to you or the guest.  But from a host point of view, you are accepting an unverified guest with no recourse all for the sake of saving 3%! Think about it.  You are using the Airbnb website to advertise your listing yet you deny their payment for services. 

Cash transactions, aside from being a violation of Airbnb's Terms of Service, have a way of unraveling reservations and you shouldn't do  them.  

Also, you should not allow strangers to view your place before a reservation.. It's for your safety and privacy.



Re: doubts.....

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@Odre0 What you should do?  Answer:  immediately call Airbnb!!  This guests violated so many terms and conditions of the Airbnb platform that she should  not be able to book anyone else in the future.  That's what we call in America a RED FLAG.  This individual would rather break rules, break trust, for what?  To save a few bucks!!?  That's a clue to me that SHE is not to be trusted and I wouldn't want her anywhere near my listing. I consider what she is doing is STEALING from the company as she found you through Airbnb and shame on her.  Do you really want someone in your home or apartment that has no problem stealing commissions, host fees, service fees, and breaks rules and policies?  I  had someone show up at my house too, and I immediatelly called Airbnb to report this guy who wanted to pay cash....I didn't even let him through the door.  I had to remove the photo showing the FRONT of my house as thats how he found me.  Sad, but true.  I was beyond mad that he thought he could go around Airbnb and "steal" from the company by cancelling the booking and then showing up anyway!  Seems people will use all kinds of "loop holes" to get around doing the right thing.   I am so sad this happened to you, but you NEED TO CONTACT AIRBNB VIA PHONE CALL IMMEDIATELY.


Definitely call Airbnb immediatley and report HER.  Give them a chance to resolve this so you can be protected by their guidelines, their insurance, their policies, etc just as @Clare0 has suggested.  I am not sure they will allow her to stay as they don't tolerate those who break rules but I think it would show them that you are being a responsible trusting host by doing so.  Definitely don't take the money.  But also don't allow her to stay there if she can't pay Airbnb their rightful share to that booking.  Just my opinion.   


and never never, allow anyone to come "view' the apartment ahead of time.  If anyone else ask you that, report it.  Good Luck.

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