faiing email through airbnb to upcoming guest

Setubal, Portugal
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Hello I wonder if anybody else has this experience. I tried to communicate with my upcoming guest over a week before their arrival. No answer to 5 emails. I finally contacted Airbnb and asked for help by chatt/phone. The answer that I got was that my emails were sent and that the guests profile email probably had some mistakes. I have since succeeded to contact my guests via whatsapp. But no help whatsoever from Airbnb. Though I have asked in several emails that they should check what happened and contact my guest. Which has not happened. And my guest now tells me that they had  tried to contact Airbnb  without succeeding. Only an answeringmachine.

What to do? Is it possible to trust that Your communication with Your upcoming guests really works through Airbnbs platform? How to get an answer from Airbnb?


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Re: faiing email through airbnb to upcoming guest

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
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I usually do not experience those errors when using the message system on the platform ("INBOX") .although it would be nice addition if we could see a message has been read.

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