host payment notification

Prestatyn, United Kingdom
Level 1

I am a new host and just saw that the payment notification is for less than the stated price per night and i do not have

smart pricing in operation or any discounts so why is it for so much less?

How do i contact airbnb to get it put right before guest arrives in four days?

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Re: host payment notification

La Quinta, CA
Level 10

As a new host there are many, many things that will baffle you about the system.  I hope you will take time to read all the hosting articles you can in the Help Center.  Mistakes can have both short term and long term consequences.  Just a thought.


Without sufficient information about the payout you did get versus the rate, I can't venture a guess.  That is good as these type of questions are best posed to Air BNB.  Contacting Air BNB options are spelled out in the Help Center.  I have heard that the best response for most issues happens when the Air BNB Twitter account is used.

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