how do you notify cleaning people?

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is there an app you use to notify the cleaning people when it's time for them to come out and get the unit ready? How do you communicate with the cleaners?

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Re: how do you notify cleaning people?

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Re: how do you notify cleaning people?

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I have the same question.  I used to screen capture part of the reservation list that showed: check in date ---check out date--- name of unit.  But they have changed the format and I can't find it anymore.Image 10-11-21 at 2.28 PM (1).jpg



I have suggested that they let our cleaners log in and be able to access just this information (not the guests name or payment info) so they can see when to clean without us having to update them on new, cancelled or extended reservations.  I wish they would make that happen.


How does everyone else notify their cleaners when each unit needs to be cleaned?

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