unauthorised discounted prices

New Zealand
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I've noticed when I click on a date it shows our night price correctly at $680 NZD in the right side of the screen but underneath it says " Guests will likely pay $493NZD". How does this work as I have no discounts set. I've also noticed from a guest that cancelled that he was only paying $347NZD a night? How can this be as I've set not discounts.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: unauthorised discounted prices

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Level 10


When i simulate some bookings on your listing on available dates (only in feb/march) they all show $680 NZD a night, without any weekly or monthly discounts applied.

Maybe provide a screen shot of the "error" page ?


About the cancellation: Maybe you received 50% of the normal price  as calculated by your cancellation policy ?

Re: unauthorised discounted prices

England, United Kingdom
Level 10

@Andrew2497 this is possibly an Airbnb price tip trying to encourage you to reduce your rate. Even if you want 100% occupancy these price tips are best ignored.

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