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one of our two identical airbnb's were taken off line instantly due to a guests making a complaint after 70 + 5 star ratings. living in the woods isn't for everyone!

Their complaint was due to child safety with a balcony bedroom. All issues fixed although I suspect the guests caused the issue and not the previous as also pots and pans and a duvet quilt disappeared. 

I took new pictures and published and changed wording saying balcony bedroom, caution with children, child gate available etc in several places on our profile. 

I questioned why if its a child safety issue that they canceled our adult guests. I asked to be re listed.

no reply. over 1 month with no listing. 

Is there a contact number for an Australian department to get this sorted and make a complaint and not have to go through India where the staff at Airbnb don't give a **bleep**?

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@Pam1434 Take your listings to another site. It will only be hosts leaving the platform (and it will take a lot of them) before Airbnb actually change their way of working.

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