February 2020 Host Newsletter

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Former Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

February 2020 Host Newsletter



Hello everyone,


February has come and pretty much gone in a blink of an eye, but before we move into March, here is the latest edition of the host newsletter:


February Host News (Click to view)




  • Decluttering made easy: Hosts share their top tips

A more organized space isn’t just great for guests—it’s also much easier to clean between stays. So as you prep for a new season, consider taking the time to clear some clutter. Not sure where to begin? Here are some tips and ideas from hosts like you. Check them out


  • 10 ways to make your guests feel special

We know how important your guests are to you—and we’re always impressed by the sweet ways you show them your appreciation. From welcome baskets to friendly notes, we’re sharing some of our favorite examples. Get inspired


  • From first-time host to successful entrepreneur

While taking time off from her high-pressure job, Mari Tikkanen decided to give hosting a try. Four years later, she now owns Helsinki-based Roost, a thriving company that helps other hosts be successful. Read her story


  • What hosts are talking about

Every day in the Community Center, hosts share hospitality tips, answer each other’s questions, and swap stories. Here are some recent conversations you might want to join: Your hosting goals of 2020 Sharing cultural traditions with guests



I hope you find this an enjoyable read. Have a great March. 





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Sydney, Australia

Hi Lizzie,


could I ask do you do advertisement in the news letter. I am the Director of a cleaning buiness in the time we’re we are quite I am looking at new avenues for marketing?

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Minneapolis, MN

I would like the next news letter to go into more detail on:

Learn more about our new tools and programs


When are they available & how do I access them. Specifically interested in:
We’re introducing a new tool for hosts to cancel certain reservations without charges—without needing to contact our community support team for help. This will allow hosts to choose to refund any guest who isn’t able to make a trip right now but who isn’t covered under our extenuating circumstances policy. Instead of needing to contact our community support team, a guest can ask for a refund through the tool and a host can give a full or partial refund to the guest directly.

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La Quinta, CA

@Lizzie   Does the Newsletter ever address the concerns that are frequently published in the CC?  While there is much sharing of experience on the forum which educates us all, there are also multiple discussion threads expressing concern about policies and procedures that are not host friendly.  Would the Newsletter be willing to give space to those issues as well?  

Former Community Manager
Former Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hello @Linda108,


I hope all is well with you. Thanks for asking about this. 


Yes, for sure. Actually a lot of the feedback given in the CC helps to guide what goes in the Host Newsletters (I meet with the team weekly). In particular the December edition had a lot of product/policy updates, this included updates regarding the review policy which was greatly influenced by the feedback given in the CC. Also, a new section called 'In case you missed it' was introduced a few months back, which highlights product changes. The aim of this is to help get the word out about feature changes that have happened or are in flight–I know there is always an ask in the CC to hear more about this, so the team go on the hunt for useful news each month.


February's edition is actually a little shorter than usual and focuses more on Hospitality tips, but generally we try to get the juicy product updates in there as much as possible (some months we just don't have many product things to share)–the team usually put those at the top of the newsletter so they aren't missed. 


To add, not all of the official responses we come back to in the CC will necessarily go in the Host Newsletter, we may just respond directly in the topics where discussion is happening or in a new topic if relevant.


I know you have been an amazing CC members for years now and so you have seen the evolution of the Host Newsletter. You will be pleased to hear it continues to be focused on and the newsletter team's brains are always whirling around trying to  make sure that the most relevant information to you and other community members. So feedback and ideas are always  most welcome, so if you have any ideas of how we can continue to improve it do let me know. Also, from a CC point of view, do you like having the recaps here–I know they don't get a huge amount of visibility, but they are here for people that may have missed it via email. 🙂


Thanks again and I hope you have some nice plans for the weekend. 




Thank you for the last 7 years, find out more in my Personal Update.

Looking to contact our Support Team, for details...take a look at the Community Help Guides.

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