September 2018 Host Newsletter

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Former Community Manager
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September 2018 Host Newsletter

Hello everyone,


This month's edition of the Host Newsletter, is full of news and updates.


September Host Newsletter


Highlights include:


  • Updated Reservation List: after receiving direct feedback from the community here in the Community Center, the team have shared some exciting updates. Take a look here.
  • Group payments: a popular topic in the past here in the CC, your feedback was taken on board and an update has been shared on this.
  • Pricing: a frequently asked question in recent Q&As and here in the CC,  is why does Airbnb ask me to lower my prices? Find out more here
  • Photography tips: looking to improve your photos, here are a few simple ideas which you can do whilst using a phone


I hope you find this an interesting read. 






Thank you for the last 7 years, find out more in my Personal Update.

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