September 2019 Host Newsletter

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September 2019 Host Newsletter

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Hello everyone,


I hope your September has gone well and if you are coming out of a busy peak season, you are finding some time to relax. 


Here is the latest version of the Host Newsletter:


September 2019 Host News


Highlights include:


  • Is Instant Book right for you? 

Whether you’ve hosted hundreds of guests or are still finding your rhythm, you may have questions about whether you should be using Instant Book or accepting booking requests manually. Here, experienced hosts weigh in with their perspectives. Learn more


  • Updates to the Superhost program

We’ve updated the Superhost program to make it more fair, inclusive, and valuable to hosts everywhere. Click to learn how the new criteria can help you achieve Superhost status. Learn more


  • Surprise your guests with the unexpected

Superhost and former creative director Tiffany Caliva-Talledo shares her top tips for adding special details that make guests’ visits unforgettable. Get Tiffany's tips


  • More (easy!) photography tips you can use today

Following the July Host News story, check out our new #HowtoHost episode on top listing photography tips. Why more? Upleveling your photography is a simple (and cheap!) way to drive more demand for your listing. Superhosts and pro photographers Jeff & Candida share five easy and actionable tips. Learn more


  • Guest-approved tips for attracting families

Ray and Charissa Popp know a thing or two about family travel—they traveled the world for a year with their two sons, staying at Airbnbs along the way. Here, they share what they look for in a family-friendly property, and tips for making sure even pint-sized guests enjoy a trip to remember. Find out more


  • College football and Airbnb: A winning combo

Did you know that college football is a major driver of Airbnb demand? A new report reveals the top destinations around the world for sports-related travel—and the U.S. cities where college football reigns supreme. Find out whether your town is one of them—and make sure your hosting calendar is ready for the upcoming season. Read the report.


  • Secrets of 20-time Superhosts

What does it take to be a 20-time Superhost? We talked to five Superhosts who’ve been in the program every quarter consecutively since we created the program in 2014. Here, they share their most memorable hosting experiences, top hosting tips, and advice on how to achieve Superhost status—even when things go wrong. Meet the Superhosts


  • Reality show aims to attract more guests to Airbnb

Airbnb is partnering with CNBC on the show “Cash Pad” in an effort to showcase hosting and encourage more travelers to try Airbnb. The show features former stars of “The Bachelorette” and house flippers JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers as they help homeowners transform their spaces into Airbnb dream destinations. Check out the latest episode to learn how they turn unrealized potential into profit. Watch now.


  • Discover your local Airbnb host community

Connect and discover hosts near you through local online groups or meetups. Our new Get Local page in the Community Center makes it easy to connect with hosts like you in your area. Check it out


  • What hosts are talking about

Every day in the Community Center, hosts share hospitality tips, answer each other’s questions, and swap stories. Here are some recent conversations you might want to join: Do you have any signs for your guests in your home? Which causes do you care about? Do you volunteer?



I hope you find this an interesting read. Enjoy!






Thank you for the last 7 years, find out more in my Personal Update.

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Thank you for providing information about this bulletin board. driving directions

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Siborongborong, Indonesia

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Siborongborong, Indonesia
Level 1
Seminole, FL

Awesome tips @Lizzie I need to get onboard with the football train!

Level 10
Auckland, New Zealand

thank you @Lizzie  & @Airbnb 

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New York, NY

Thanks, @Lizzie!  Need a new show so heading over to watch Cash Pad now!  And aspiring to be 20-time Superhost, too.  #goals

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England, United Kingdom

@Lizzie interesting the thing about hosting for football.

I've heard some stories elsewhere about there sometimes being a lack of supervision of the young people and also some safeguarding concerns.

Though maybe you're not talking about youth teams?

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